Your empty packaging is worth money!

A circular economy for packaging means keeping it out of the trash and in a closed loop so the packaging can be used again and again. That is why Circleback rewards you for returning you packaging!

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How Circleback works

Step 1

Save empty packaging that is eligible for take-back

Step 2

Bring it back to a Circleback return location

Step 3

Receive your cash reward via our app

Now live
Kneipp take-back program

Collect your empty Kneipp packaging


Bring it to one of our participating stores


Receive 20 Cents per packaging via our app

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Unfortunately, in the current waste system, most packaging is downcycled or burned for energy. To make packaging really circular, Kneipp and Circleback work together towards the goal of developing a deposit system for packaging. This system should, in the future, be able to turn every old packaging into a new one. In this take-back program, we test your willingness to return packaging to Kneipp stores - the first step towards a true circular economy of packaging!


More cosmetic brands will follow

Here's how it works

What else is in the pipeline

  • Return of reusable e-commerce packaging in Germany
  • Return of more cosmetic brands packaging in Germany
  • Return of single use beverage bottles in Tanzania

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