The world's first Pfand system that guarantees the supply of recycles for brands

Circleback is a closed-loop ecosystem of digital products and services that gives consumer goods brands the right and ability to recover, recycle and reuse valuable packaging material.

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Benefits for brands

Circleback enables circularity in packaging and provides exclusive rights to recycled material for consumer goods brands.

Cosmetic grade plastic recyclates
We give brands exclusive access to high-quality plastic recyclates made from their used packaging.
Price stability
We give brands the ability to budget more accurately by offering contracts for recyclates at fixed prices.
Actionable data
Brand and consumer-specific data enables circular recycling of packaging and demonstrates a positive impact.

Our Impact

Saves energy, water, and chemicals
Research by the German Öko-Institut has shown that even very demanding recycling of plastic for high-quality materials saves 50% CO2 compared to virgin materials.
Increases the availability of high-quality recyclates
Demand for recycled material has more than doubled across Europe in the last 6 years. We support brands in their efforts to secure the high-quality material they need.
Creates transparency and accountability to drive more environmental actions
We track every package that goes through our system, offering indisputable data on actual recycling and reuse rates for brands and consumers.
Preserves biodiversity
No need for ocean platforms or fields for oil drilling rigs to produce new plastic. No use of land, water or pesticides to grow monocrops for other materials. We just recycle and reuse what is already there.

Our Mission

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How it works

Circlebacks onboarding platform

1. The brand onboards all packaging and product data on the Circleback platform

2. Consumers return empty packaging to eligible machines in retail locations

Circleback Reverse Vending Machine
Circleback Web App

3. Via the Circleback web application the consumers are rewarded digitally with cash and vouchers

4. Circleback processes the packaging into new high-quality recyclates

Two people at recycling facility
Circleback Dashboard

5. Brands purchase the material via the Circleback recyclate marketplace

Our upcoming pilot

Starting in Summer 2022 we will pilot the Circleback Pfand system in Berlin. Several major brands and retailers have signed on to participate in the pilot, but there is still room for a few more.

There is no financial costs to participate in the pilot and benefits for participating brands include:

Join Circleback and fifteen of Germany’s most well-known brands and retailers as we create a new life for every package!

Want to sign up for the pilot or learn more? Contact us today.

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