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Eliminate packaging & production waste throughout Europe

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Circular Economy experts
specializing in take back systems, reuse, and recycling.

On a mission to help companies to become more circular by avoiding waste!

Custom solutions for European Producers

We work for companies that produce or assemble products in Europe. We help them to anayze waste flows, identify opportunities for avoidance, devise solutions, implement proof of concept, and scale. Want to know how Circleback can work for you?

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Circleback is a social business

A proud member of the global community committed to implementing UN Sustainable Development Goals into our business model.
Brett Dickey & Kimani Michalke

About us

Before Circleback, Brett Dickey founded an eco-tourism company in Panama and spent nine years leading visitors to remote islands. Trash inundating these otherwise pristine islands inspired Brett to begin thinking of ways to help solve the global waste crisis. He moved to Berlin in 2020, where he met Kimani Michalke, whose diverse experience as a start-up founder, business consultant, and psychologist helped bring the concept to life. Together, they founded Circleback in 2021.

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